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Participation's 'Others': Spaces Between


Experimental drawings made during individual researcher's presentations at the retreat and experimental soundscape based on recordings made during the week.

Participation's 'Others': a cartography of creative listening practices

Lynton-Lynford, North Devon, September 15–19, 2014


Academic Retreat for members of the Authority Research Network ( and invited participants, developed by Dr Julian Brigstocke, Cardiff University and Dr Tehseen Noorani, Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, USA


Publication now available - ARN Press  ISBN 978-0-9575882-1-9

From the original proposal by Dr Brigstocke and Dr Noorani:

This residential summer retreat explored experimental techniques for involving actors who lack a conventionally understood ‘voice’ in participatory practices. Such actors might include: the not-yet-living; more-than-human life; objects and technologies; gods and supernatural forces; and past generations. Drawing on post-humanist theoretical approaches (such as new materialisms, post-phenomenology, and actor-network theory), the retreat explored creative methods for listening to, understanding, and thinking with more-than-human and material political agencies, focusing in particular on how these methods help us conceptualize and practice forms of democratic participation. Key questions included:


  • How are more-than-human actors, future generations, objects, or other ‘voiceless’ agencies mobilized in participatory research and politics?

  • Through what forms of ‘creative listening’ can the multiplicity of political agencies be recognized?

  • How should recognizing the diversity of forms of political agency affect the practice and techniques of participatory democracy?

  • Who has the authority to represent or speak on behalf of material, more-than-human or not-yet-living  agencies? How can this authority be made legitimate?


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