Goonhilly Village Green 2


National Nature Reserve, Goonhilly Downs, Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall

18 May 2019


Based on the free sharing of knowledge – from the scientific to the arcane – the programme included new site-specific art commissions; The Gathering, a one day public event; a 3 month Community Programme of talks and workshops; and outdoor learning activities for local schools; all delivered in partnership with local organisations.


Goonhilly Village Green Pilot


National Nature Reserve, Goonhilly Downs, Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall

26 September 2015


Goonhilly Village Green was designed and delivered by Elizabeth Masterton and me with support from curatorial team, Field Notes. Our aim was to draw together a diverse range of people to meet, talk, learn and play on a temporary 'village green' created for us by Natural England. The free one-day event included: a procession, writing and natural craft workshops, guided archaeological walks, talks, film screenings, pop-up museum, food and drink, handbell ringing and a tug-of-war. Throughout, bells rang out from a bell-tower created by artists Liminal and people explored the site.

Happidrome Four


National Nature Reserve, Goonhilly Downs, Lizard Peninsular, Cornwall

11-12 September 2010


Happidrome Four presented the work of five artists over one weekend. Supported by Natural England, Arts Council England, Cornwall Council’s Feast programme and a local renewable energy company, Kraft Maus, the event attracted a large local audience. Each artist responded to the site and its history, interpreting its associations in unique and innovative ways. For the first time, a Happidrome event ran off renewable energy provided by the wind and sun and some clever technology by Jonah Kinross of Kraft Maus!