Goonhilly Village Green 2

18 May 2019, Goonhilly Downs, Cornwall

THRESHOLDS is a five channel surround sound installation first presented at the Dry Tree standing stone on Goonhilly Downs as part of Goonhilly Village Green 2. It incorporates archival recordings of early satellites; an iconic message from the moon; two sets of perfect fifths; celestial sounds of lightning strikes and geomagnetic activity; and field recordings from Goonhilly Downs and Trelowarren Estate.



Looe Street Detectives III


Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth

2 February-13 March 2018

Working with volunteer researchers over several months, we unearthed the amazing history of Plymouth Arts Centre's city location, revealing a complex, interwoven palimpsest of place.There have been builidngs there for over 500 years with a history to match, from the early days of John Hawkins and Francis Drake, to the social philanthropism of the Batter Street Non-Conformist Church, through the socila welfare of Nancy Astor and the Virginia House Settlement, to the establishment of the Arts Centre in 1947 and its work since then.



Place Exploration


Kestle Barton, Helford, Cornwall

5-10 November 2017


A 5 day practice-based research residency convened by artist Bram Thomas Arnold, delving into the depths of place, a washing back and forth between the past and the future, between the self and the collective.

PLACE EXPLORATION examined the location, Kestle Barton, through ecological and autoethnographic lenses. Artist provocateurs ruminated on the idea of the self in and of a place, whereby both the self and the place are compositions of social, cultural and personal histories: participating artists responded and rebelled.