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The Piskeys of Croft Noweth Farm


Installation, cloth manikins, vegetation

Happidrome Four, Goonhilly Downs, Helston, Cornwall

Photos: Sara Bowler & Oliver Rudkin

The Piskeys of Croft Noweth Farm involved a new folktale in an old setting. It took participants across Goonhilly Downs, reading the story while following a map and direction signs to explore the old farmstead. The new folktale described the piskeys' life spent amongst unwitting people. All was harmonious until a gang of spriggans (warrior fairies) chanced on the farm and waged a pitched battle with the piskeys because of their secret help to the farmer and his family. During the mele, the 'maze' on the humans fell away and they fled in terror at seeing nature's sprites. Only the quiet and observant may catch a glimpse of the piskeys today, as they play and dance in the undergrowth. During the Covid-19 lockdown, I remade the piskeys with a view to restaging their presence at Croft Noweth once we are able to move more freely.
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