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fell of dark



Sound Installation

Camp bed, hidden speakers, amplifier, wind-up torch

Happidrome Three, Goonhilly Downs, Helston, Cornwall

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‘fell of dark’ was created inside the darkest space in the Happidrome at Goonhilly Downs. Formally the room that housed one of the earliest radar screens, it offered the ideal location to present a short soundwork made in response to my fear of the dark.
Visitors were led into the pitch black space with the aid of a torch and asked to lie on the camp bed in the middle of the room. The sound was then activated and they were left in the dark to listen, holding onto a wind-up torch to enable them to leave when ready. Lieing in the dark always seems more frightening to me than being on my feet.
The audio hangs off Gerard Manley Hopkins' poem "I wake and feel the fell of dark" written in 18?? when he was in a dark place spiritually. Personal narratives weave through the words referencing terrifying experiences I've had when in the pitch black.
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